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How you helped Happy Blug Bug become a reality

We are thrilled that everyone who uses our pageant dresses, knows they are getting an authentic Happy Blug Bug dress worthy of a steady pageant winner.

~Renae Christine
Happy Blug Bug CEO

Before I created Happy Blug Bug, I attended several pageants and saw that the dresses were made with cheap materials and often fell apart before the pageant was over.

Then one day my own daughter wore a pageant dress that fell apart live on stage. That’s when I vowed to make a pageant dress line that would exceed standards of quality above all others.

I was concerned that the price point of the pageant dresses, because of the cost of the expensive materials, might turn off pageant contestants.

But then …

After several pageant girls used my dresses in their pageants and won first place, I realized that I was on the right path after all.

I decided I set out to create the most high-end, quality based pageant dresses for the most beautiful pageant winners in the world.

It turns out …

The road was more difficult than I imagined.

Suppliers of the expensive material were difficult to find and they didn’t want to negotiate on price so I could sell the dresses at a price point pageant mother’s would happily agree too.

Mother’s questioned …

the quality of the pageant dresses even though the materials were hand picked by myself and held up in every pageant.

Because of this I started offering my pageant dresses free to rent before purchasing a different dress for the next pageant. This finally started opening doors into more and more pageants and word was getting around about the quality of our dresses.

My own daughter was then in a car accident …

and couldn’t be in any more pageants. The doctor said she would never walk again. Even though I knew she wouldn’t be in pageants, I knew we had to keep helping those girls who could walk those runways with materials they can’t find anywhere else.

Through it all, we released our first products and the response has been astounding. We are now the #1 pageant dress company in the Western United States and growing.

The best part?

My daughter was able to get back into pageants even though she walks the runway in a wheel chair. She rarely wins because of her situation. But she still proudly wears Happy Blue Bug for every occasion.

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